Company Overview
Company Overview
MED HERO BANK Co. Ltd (Taiwan) is invested in concepts of “professionalism, credibility, caring”, and works to assist medical and aesthetic organizations in the establishment and marketing of the EinsJen male and female rejuvenation and regenerative medical centers. We are committed to the trademarking and patenting of our unique services, and through the implementation of a professional medical treatment management marketing model, we have expanded and marketed our unique trademarked and patented technologies throughout Taiwan, Mainland China, Europe and America. Our company also works with medical institutes to establish exquisite brand-related product series which, when integrated with professional techniques, serve to provide clients and patients with an even more exceptional treatment experience. Our company provides doctors and institutes with related professional trademark techniques, consulting services and marketing training.
With respect to product-related medical technologies and special medical equipment & supplies, our company cooperates with institutes in China and Taiwan, providing consultation, distribution, and agency services. In light of the demand offered by the Mainland China market, comprehensive marketing strategies are needed for the region, as well as education and training for treatment teams and aesthetic institutes; in this regard, our company leads professional marketing management, treatment education and team training, which provide each client with comprehensive customized design services, marketing counseling, personnel training, and equipment & supplies purchasing consultation services. We anticipate that as a result of our highly efficient marketing management system, our distinct-quality male and female rejuvenation and regenerative medicine techniques will spread throughout Asia and around the world, breaking medical technologies barriers and offering benefits to people across the globe.

Introduction to the EinsJen Center
The EinsJen Center for Male and Female Rejuvenation and Regenerative Medicine (EinsJen Center) is a professional brand name medical center which primarily focuses on the promotion of trademark patented techniques used for aesthetic and regenerative treatment on male and female private regions. Professional areas covered by the EinsJen Center include world patented trademark techniques used for male and female private region rejuvenation (Tight, Beautiful & Aroused; G-spot injections; vaginal laser combination treatments; laser cosmetic surgery for private regions; male enhancement penile injections), trademark patented aesthetic medicine techniques (American precision botulinum treatment; hyaluronic acid treatment; Korea 4D embedded thread lift and North American trademark patented micro rhinoplasty), trademark patented full-body autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) growth factor treatment techniques (including trademark patented joint injection regeneration technology), micro-autologous fat transplantation, and trademark patented fat growth factor rejuvenation treatment.  We also have brought in American and European medical education and training organizations’ (including the North America Micro Facial Surgery Certification, Vaginal Laser Technology Certification, and International Autologous Fat Transplantation and Full-Body PRP Regeneration Certification) patent authorized Asian medical institutes, to serve at the first domestic patent and trademark regenerative medicine technology research center. The EinsJen Center’s primary focus is to provide rejuvenation treatment for men’s and women’s private regions, full body autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) growth factor treatment, micro-autologous fat transplants and autologous fat growth factor extraction treatment. With the most cutting-edge global professional cosmetology, we expect to become the top brand medical center for professional male and female sexual rejuvenation technology and regeneration medical training, while providing autologous regenerative rejuvenation and cosmetic medicine integrated health plans.

Market Analysis 
Sexual rejuvenation and autologous growth factor regeneration medical treatments in Europe, America and Taiwan are already experiencing positive growth trends. In maternity clinics in large cities nation-wide, the market for postnatal care centers and aesthetic medicine facilities is seeing rapid growth, and there are already many franchise aesthetic medicine organizations cooperating in the effort. Within this category, services for postpartum rejuvenation and menopausal women are medical industry niche markets ready for development. Currently, there are over 60 brand name organizations in Beijing, with nearly 10 million births every year. Based on statistics, nation-wide, the market potential for postpartum recovery exceeds 60 billion yuan. With respect to male sexual rejuvenation, the market for impotency drugs alone is estimated to be roughly worth 500 million yuan, annually; while in China, the rough estimate is near 30 billion. Autologous growth factor regenerative treatment is primarily based on medical injection technology, and with quick treatment times, excellent results, and easy operations there are many benefits to offering such options, providing related training and replicating. In comparison with other medical business items, the scale may not be large; however, since traditional marketing cannot meet the demand in this area, it has left ample room for market opportunity. We have the ability to integrate resources to provide quality services and products to meet the demand—and even create new opportunities.